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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Cost of illness of Japanese encephalitis in Bangladesh Alamgir, Nadia Ishrat
1999 Cost-recovery strategies in the health and population programmes of Bangladesh: issues for the application of users fees Quayyum, Zahidul; Routh, Subrata; Rahman, M Anisur; Jahan, Monowar; Barkat-e-Khuda
2007 Costs community-based protocolized management of severly malnourished children at selected NGO clinics in Dhaka, Bangladesh Islam, Ziaul; Osinski, Petra; Hossain, Sk. Shahed; Khanam, Rasheda; Anwar, Shahela; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Alam, Khorshed
Oct-1983 Co-trimoxazole-resistant Shigella dysenteriae type 1 outbreak in a family in Bangladesh[abstract] Zaman, K; Yunus, M; Baqui, A.H.; Hossain, K.M.; Khan, M.U.
Aug-2008 Coverage of child immunization in rural hard-to-reach Haor areas of Bangladesh : acceptability of alternative strategies Uddin, Md. Jasim; Larson, Charles P.; Oliveras, Elizabeth; Khan, A.I.; Quaiyum, M.A.; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Ahmed, Faaiz; Khan, Iqba Ansary; Shamsuzzaman
1997 Coverage of safe motherhood programme, Matlab, 1987-1993 Vanneste, A.M.; Ronsmans, C.
Sep-1995 C reactive protein and prealbumin as markers of disease activity in shigellosis Khan, W.A.; Salam, M.A.; Bennish, M.L.
1-Aug-1994 Creation and testing of a non-reverting thyA mutant of shigella flexneri Y as a live oral vaccine against shigellosis Ahmed, Zia Uddin; Albert, M. John
Mar-1998 A crirtical review of pririty setting in the health sector, the methodolgy of the 1993 world development report Palman, Maria; Bekedham, Henk
Jun-1989 Critical assessment of the use of growth monitoring for identifying high risk children in primary health care programmes Briend, Andre; Bari, Abdul
Oct-1963 CRL Technical Committee 22-24 October 1963 Colera Research Laboratory, East Pakistan East Pakistan
1992 Crossed immunoelectrophoretic analysis of antigenic composition of B-subunit/whole-cell and whole-cell only killed oral cholera vaccines Cizn√°r, I.; Ahsan, C.R.; Rahman, A.; Shahabuddin, M.; Bartkov√°, G.; Clemens, J.D.; Sack, D.A.
Aug-1988 Cross-protection by B subunit-whole cell cholera vaccine against diarrhea associated with heat-labile toxin-producing enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli: results of a large-scale field trial Clemens, John D.; Sack, David A.; Harris, Jeffery R.; Chakraborty, J.; Neogy, P.K.; Stanton, B.; Huda, N.; Khan, Moslem Uddin; Kay, Bradford A.; Khan, M.R.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Yunus, M.; Rao, M. Raghava; Sevennerholm, Ann-Mari; Holmgren, Jan
Dec-1989 Cross-reacting antigens between plesiomonas shigelloides 0 :17 and shigella sonnei Sayeed, Sameera; Sack, David A; Qadri, F.
Sep-1999 Cross-reaction between a strain of Vibrio mimicus and V. cholerae O139 Bengal Ansaruzzaman, M.; Shimada, T.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Nahar, S.; Alam, K.; Islam, M.S.; Albert, M.J.
Feb-1990 Cryptosporidiosis: a cause of diarrhea in Bangladesh Rahman, Mahbubur; Shahid, Nigar S.; Rahman, H,; Sack, David A.; Rahman, N; Hossain, Sahadat
Jan-1985 Cryptosporidiosis in Bangladesh[short report] Shahid, Nigar S.; Rahman, A.S.M.H.; Anderson, B.C.; Mata, L.J.; Sanyal, S.C.
26-Feb-1985 Cryptosporidiosis in children in relation to nutritional and immunological status sources of infection and transmission in family contacts Shahid, Nigar S.; Rahman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Sack, D.A.; Sanyal, S.C.
28-Jul-1984 Cryptosporidiosis in claves and their handlers in Bangladesh[letter] Rahaman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Sanyal, S.C.; Al-Mahmud, K.A.; Sobhan, A.; Hossain, K.S.; Anderson, B.C.
Jan-1992 Cryptosporidiosis in man and animals[conference paper] Rahman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Al-Mahmud, K.A.; Mondol, M.M.H.; Islam, A.W.M. Shamsul
24-Apr-1983 Cryptosporidium as a pathogen for diarrhea in Bangladesh Shahid, Nigar S.; Rahman, Hamidur; Mahmud, K.A.; Anderson, Bruce A.
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