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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Decline in epidemic of multidrug resistant Salmonella typhi is not associated with increased incidence of antibiotic-susceptible strain in Bangladesh Rahman, M.; Ahmad, A.; Shoma, S.
Dec-1997 Decline in maternal mortality in Matlab, Bangladesh: a cautionary tale Ronsmans, Carine; Vanneste, Anne Marie; Chakraborty, Jyostsnamoy; van Ginneken, Jetorn
Nov-1986 A decomposition of unmet need for family planning in rural Bangaldesh[abstract] Khan, Md. Mehrab Ali; Smith, Caroline; Koeing, Michael
1992 Decreased food intake in children with severe dysentery due to Shigella dysenteriae 1 infection Rahman, M.M.; Kabir, I.; Mahalanabis, D.; Malek, M.A.
Jun-1988 Decreased gastric acid secretion and bacterial colonization of the stomach in severely malnourished Bangladeshi children Gilman, Robert H.; Partanen, Raija; Brown, Kenneth H.; Spira, William M.; Khanam, Sultana; Greenberg, Barbara; Bloom, Stephen R.; Ali, Akbar
Jul-1968 Decrease in net stool output in cholera during intestinal containing solutions Hirschhorn, Norbert; Kinzie, Joseph L.; Sachar, David B.; Northrup, Robert S.; Taylor, J.O.; Ahmad, S. Zafar; Philips, Robert A.
1975 Decrease of enterotoxin-induced jejunal fluid accumlation by acids in dogs Nalin, D.R.; Richardson, S.H.; Islam, N.; Yardley, J.
1974 Decrease of enterotoxin-induced jejunal fluid accumlation by acids in dogs Nalin, David R.; Richardson, S.H.; Islam, N.; Yardley, J.
2003 Defining incidence of IS in Bangladesh in preparation for a phase III trial of a new rotavirus vaccine Breiman, R.F.; Zaman, K.
Defining the cholera carrier(letter) Bart, Kenneth J.; Mosley, Wiley Henry
Sep-2001 Defining the special risk for severe diarrheal cases in Dhaka city using a geographical informatin system [abstract] Wagatusmal, Y.; Haq, Z.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Malek, M.A.
Jul-1997 Defying gender norms in rural Bangladesh : a social demographic analysis Balk, Deborah
Mar-1987 Dehydrating diarrhoea and cataract in rural Bangladesh Khan, Moslem Uddin; Khan, M.R.; Sheikh, A. Kashem
2002 Delayed and reduced adaptive humoral immune responses in children with shigellosis compared with in adults Raqib, R.; Qadri, F.; Sarker, P.; Mia, S.M.S.; Sansonnetti, P.J.; Albert, M.J.; Andersson, J.
2005 Delivery of iron and zinc supplements: evaluation of interaction effect on biochemical and clinical outcomes Black, Robert E.; Arifeen, Shams El
1997 The delivery of maternal and child health and family planning services through cluster visitation Ashraf, Ali; Barkat-e-Khuda; Rahman, Mizanur; Reza, Masud
1997 The delivery of maternal, child health and family planning services through cluster visitation[book chapter] Amin, S.M. Khairul; Ashraf, Ali; Islam, Dilara
1990 Delivery practices, complication of birth and neo-natal mortality : evidences from Matlab, Bangladesh[book chapter] Mita, Rezina; McElrath, Thomas; Anwar, Md. Sohel
Dec-2007 Delivery practices of traditional birth attendants in Dhaka slums, Bangladesh. Fronczak, N.; Arifeen, S.E.; Moran, A.C.; Caulfield, L.E.; Baqui, A.H.
2009 Demand assessment of 4% chlorhexidine solution among potential users and promoters in rural Bangladesh Islam, Ziaul
2005 Demand-based reproductive health commodity project (DRHCP) Gazi, Rukhsana; Mercer, Alec; Anwar, Iqbal
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