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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Use of in vivo-induced antigen technology (IVIAT) to identify genes uniquely expressed during human infection with Vibrio cholerae Hang, Long; John, Manohar; Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Bridges, Emily Anna; Vanderspurt, Cecily; Kirn, Thomas J.; Taylor, Ronald K.; Hillman, Jeffrey D.; Progulske-Fox, Ann; Handfield, Martin; Ryan, Edward T.; Calderwood, Stephen B.
1983 The use of metabolic and nutritional balance techniques[abstract] Molla, A.M.; Molla, Ayesha; Khatoon, M.
4-Jul-2000 Use of metronidazole in improving nutritional rehabilitation of severly malnourshied children recovering from diarrhea: a randomized controlled trial Ahmed, Tahmeed; Fuchs, George J.; Khan, Ali Miraj; Hossain, Md. Jahangir; Islam, Md. Munirul; Nahar, Baitun
Dec-2000 Use of mid-upper arm circumference for evaluation of nutritional status of children and for identification of high-risk groups for malnutrition in rural Bangladesh Roy, Nikhil Chandra
Apr-1997 The use of mid-upper-arm circumference to monitor nutritional rehabilitation programmes in rural Bangladesh [letter] de Francisco, A.; Khan, S.A.; Chakraborty, J.
Jun-1989 Use of monoclonal antibodies to type Shigella flexneri in Bangladesh Carlin, Nils I. A.; Rahman, M.; Sack, David A.; Zaman, Ansari; Kay, Bradford; Lindberg, Alif A.
2006 Use of Neem oil and insecticide-treated bednet (ITN) to control visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in an endemic area of Bangladesh Alam, Mohammad Shafiul; Haque, Rashidul
2002 Use of obstetric care services in Bangladesh : dose knowledge of husbands matter Khanum, Parveen A.; Islam, Ariful; Quaiyum, M.A.; Millsap, Joan
Dec-1969 The use of oral maintenance therapy in cholera epidemics[abstract] Rahman, A.S.M. Mizanur
1989 The use of phage-sensitivity patterns for tracing heat labile toxin-positive (LT+) Escherichia coli Monsur, K.A.; Clemens, J.D.; Sack, D.A.; Miah, A.L.; Begum, Y.A.
Dec-1989 Use of quinolones in childhood[reply] Salam, M.A.
Dec-1994 Use of rice-based oral rehydration solution in a large diarrhoea treatment centre in Bangladesh: in-house production, use and relative cost Islam, M. Aminul; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Majid, N.
2004 Use of services in the transition to a static clinic system in two rural Upazilas, 1998-2002 Ashraf, Ali; Mercer, Alec; Huq, Nafisa; Haseen, Fariha; Uddin, Nowsher; Reza, Masud
Mar-1991 The use of soap and water in two Bangladeshi communities: implications for the transmission of diarrhea Sushila, Zeitlyn; Islam, Farzana
1982 Use of tetanus toxoid for the prevention of neonatal tetanus : 2. immunization acceptance among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh Rahman, Makhlisur; Chen, Lincoln C.; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Chowdhury, A.I.
1982 Use of tetanus toxoid for the prevention of neonatal tetanus : reduction of neonatal mortality by immunization of non-pregnant and pregnant women in rural Bangladesh Rahman, Makhlisur; Chen, Lincoln C.; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md; Chowdhury, A.I.; Sarder, A.M.; Bhatia, Shusum; Curlin, George T.
1997 Use of the deuterated retinol dilution (DRD) technique to assess total body vitamin A reserves of adult volunteers consuming different levels of vitamin A [abstract] Brown, K.H.; Haskell, M.J.; Mazumder, R.N.; Jones, A.D.; Peerson, J.M.; Wahed, M.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Nov-1999 Use of the deuterated-retinol-dilution technique to assess total-body vitamin A stores of adult volunteers consuming different amounts of vitamin A Haskell, Marjorie J.; Mazumder, Ramendra N.; Peerson, Janet M.; Jones, A. Daniel; Wahed, Mohammed A.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Brown, Kenneth H.
Feb-1993 Use of the polymerase chain reaction and fluorescent-antibody methods for detecting viable but nonculturable Shigella dysenteriae type 1 in laboratory microcosms Islam, M.S.; Hasan, M.K.; Miah, M.A.; Sur, G.C.; Felsenstein, A.; Venkatesan, M.; Sack, R.B.; Albert, M.J.
Sep-2000 User-fees for family-planning methods: an analysis of payment behaviour among urban contraceptors in Bangladesh Routh, Subrata; Thwin, Aye Aye; Kane, Thomas T.; Baqui, Abdullah Hel
1989 User fees for health care in developing countries: a case study of Bangladesh Stanton, Bonita; Clemens, John
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