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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-1988 Evaluation of trimethoprim-sulphamethaxazole in the treatment of infants and children with persistent diarrhoea Alam, Nurul Haque; Haider, Rukhsana; Bardhan, P.K.
2005 Evaluation of two home-based skilled birth attendant programs in rural Bangladesh Anwar, A.T.M Iqbal; Koblinsky, Marge
1979 Evaluation of two intravenous rehydration solutions in cholera and non-cholera diarrhoea Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Majid, M.A.; Monsur, K.A.
10-Dec-1996 Evaluation of two plant extracts in the treatment of experimental shigellosis in rabbits Rabbani, G.H.; Albert, M.John; Ahmad, Kamaluddin
Apr-1997 Evaluation of vitamin A status during an acute illness [abstracts] Wahed, M.; Makris, C.; Alvarez, J.; Stephensen, C.; Fuche, G.; Makris, J.
Aug-1984 Evaluation of vitamin A stores (reply) Molla, A.
2001 Evaluation of zinc and vitamin A on synergistic effects in child health[book chapter] Roy, S.K.; Begum, R.; Begum, A.
5-May-1996 Evalutation of chicken egg yolk immunoglobulin (IgY) in the treatment of diarrhoea due to rotavirus in children Sarker, S.A.; Casswall, T.H.; Hammarstrom, L.; Mujo, K.; Raj, J.L.; Fuchs, G.; Bardhan, P.K.; Alam, N.H.; Albert, M.J.; Unicomb, L.
May-1982 An evalution of the government training programme of traditional birth attendants Claquin, Pierre; Claquin, Benila; Rahman, Siddiqur; Razzaque, M A; Shaikh, Kashem; Chowdhury, T R; Kanawati, N H
Apr-1985 An evalution of the ICDDR,B training programme: diarrhoeal disease epidimic control Faruque, A S G; Eusof, Abu; Saha, Bejoy R; Dale, Charlene B
1991 Evidence for recent diarrhoeal morbidity as a risk factor for persistent diarrhoea: a case-control study Sazawal, Sunil; Bhan, Maharaj K.; Bhandari, Nita; Clemens, John; Bhatnagar, Shinjini
Jun-1999 Evidence of high-frequency genomic reassortment of group A rotavirus strains in Bangladesh: emergence of type G9 in 1995 Unicomb, Leanne E.; Podder, Goutam; Gentsch, Jon R.; Woods, Patricia A.; Hasan, K. Zahid; Faruque, A.S.G.; Albert, M. John; Glass, Roger I.
Jan-1989 Evidence of multiple infections in cases of diarrhea due to enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Monsur, Kazi A.; Begum, Yasmin A.; Ahmed, Zia U.; Rahman, Sadequr
1992 Evidence that inactivated oral cholera vaccines both prevent and mitigate Vibrio cholerae O1 infections in a cholera-endemic area Clemens, John D.; Sack, David A; Rao, Malla R.; Chakraborty, J.; Khan, M.R.; Kay, Bradford; Ahmed, F.; Banik, A.K.; van Loon, F.P.L.; Yunus, M.; Harris, Jeffrey R.
14-Apr-1987 Examination of a possible corelation between the phage pattern and plasmid profile of ETEC strains Rahman, Sadequr; Bagum, Yasmin Ara; Monsur, K.A.; Ahmed, Zia Uddin
2003 Examination of diverse toxin-coregulated pilus-positive Vibrio cholerae strains fails to demonstrate evidence for Vibrio pathogenicity island phage Faruque, Shah M.; Zhu, Jun; Asadulghani; Kamruzzaman, M.; Mekalanos, John J.
2007 Examining Maternal Perceptions Surrounding Umbilical Cord Separation Time Following Chlorhexidine Application Baqui, Abdullah H
2004 Examining the Associations Between Maternal Blood, Umbilical Cord Blood Arsenic and its Metabolites Rahman, Mahfuzar
2008 Examining the long-term economic consequences of vaccines Razzaque, Abdur
Sep-1991 Excess female deaths among rural Bangladeshi children: an examination of cause-specific mortality and morbidity Fauveau, Vincent; Koenig, Michael A.; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
15-Oct-1983 Excess mortality among children discharged from hospital after treatment for diarrhoea in rural Bangladesh Roy, S.K.; Chowdhury, A.K.M. Alauddin; Rahaman, M.M.
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