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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Training experience in domiciliary injectable contraceptive services in the national programme Mirza, Tanjina; Ashraf, Ali; Kabir, Humayun; Ahmed, Jahiruddin
2007 Training imams to deliver HIV/AIDS messages through mosques Huq, Nafisa Lira
2002 Training peer counselors to promote and support exclusive breastfeeding in Bangladesh Haider, Rukhsana; Kabir, Iqbal; Hutty, Sharon R.A.; Ashworth, Ann
1981 Training the village practitioners as an intervention strategy for diarrhoeal diseases : report from a pilot project [abstract] Rahman, A.S.M. Mizanur
1986 A transferable resistance plasmid in vibrio cholerae and escherichia coli isolated from the same patient Haider, K.; Huq, M.I.
Mar-1984 Transferring health and family planning service innovations to the public sector: an experiment in organization development in Bangladesh Phillips, James F.; Simmons, Ruth; Simmons, George B.; Yunus, Md.
2000 Transition from Journal of Diarrhoeal Diseases Research to Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition Sack, David A
6-Sep-2007 Transition of Editors at the Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition Sack, David A.
Oct-1980 Transit time and absorption of nutrients in childhood diarrhoea[abstract] Molla, Ayesha; Molla, A.M.; Rahman, Mizanur; Rahim, M.A.; Rahaman, M.M.
1987 Translating pilot project success into national policy development: two projects in Bangladesh Phillips, James F.
Apr-1990 Transmission of diarrhoea in two crowded areas with different sanitary facilities in Dhaka, Bangladesh Henry, Fitzory J.; Rahim, Zeaur
Jul-1967 Transmural electric potentials and their response to sugars in the intestines of acute cholera patients and normal subjects[conference paper] Sachar, D.B.; Taylor, J.O.; Kinzie, J.L.; Saha, J.R.
1973 Transport of glucose and amino acids in human jejunum during Asiatic cholera Rohde, Jon E.; Cash, Richard A.
Jun-2000 Trasition from Journal of Diarrhoeal Diseases Research to Journal of Health , Population and Nutrition[editorial] Sack, David
1993 Tratment of diarrheal diseases[book chapter] Sack, R. Bradley; Rabbani, G.H.
4-Jan-1979 Travelers' disease in Dacca : epidemiologic, clinical, immunological and treatment aspects Sack, David A.; Ahmed, Ansaruddin; Eusuf, Abu; Islam, Asma
Feb-1979 Travelers' diseases in Dacca : epidemiologic, clinical immunological and treatment aspects Sack, David A.; Ahmed, Ansaruddin; Eusof, Abu; Islam, Asma
2001 Treatment failure with the use of ciprofloxacin for gonorrhea correlates with the prevalence of fluoroquinolone-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains in Bangladesh Rahman, Motiur; Alam, Ashraful; Nessa, Khairun; Nahar, Shamsun; Dutta, Dilip K.; Yasmin, Lubna; Monira, Shirajum; Sultan, Zafar; Khan, Shahnewaz Alam; Albert, M. John
1980 The treatment of acute diarrhoea in children : a historical and physiological perspective Hirschhorn, Norbert
1982 Treatment of acute diarrhoea with oral rehydration solution Sack, David A.
Apr-1966 The treatment of cholera 1965: the method of the Pakistan-SEATO Cholera Research Laboratory Alam, A.K.M.J.; Haque, Z.; Ally, KM; Akbar, R.; Firoze, A.; Hirschhorn, N.; Imam, M.W.; Islam, M.R.; Lindenbaum, J.; Molla, A.M.; Rahman, M.; Sachar, D.; Taylor, J.O.
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