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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Identification and management of tuberculosis in children in rural Bangladesh by using a simple, clinical algorithm Ahmed, Tahmeed
2008 Understanding the intersection of intimate partner violence and microcredit: perspectives from Matlab, Bangladesh Naved, Ruchira Tabassam
2008 Hospital based selected febrile illness study in Bangladesh Luby, Stephen P
2008 Cause-specific deaths among neonates and post neonates: a sketch from two rural spots in Bangladesh Ashraf, Mr. Ali
2008 A survey on gastrointestinal parasite infection in low socioeconomic community in Indian subcontinent Talukder, Kaisar Ali
2008 Exploring the use of oxytocin during labour in urban slums in Dhaka Moran, Allisyn
2008 End-user preferences for and use of point-of-use water mreatment measures in Bangladesh Luby, Steve
2008 Retention and performance of BRAC health volunteers: Role of incentives and disincentives Alam, Khurshid
2008 Understanding practices and perceptions related to stove use and biomass fuel burning in rural Bangladeshi households Gurley, Emily S.
2008 Reducing the risk of Nipah virus transmission from patients to caregivers Gurley, Emily S.
2008 Exploring the possibility of using micronucleus frequency (MNF) and changes in its level in response to zinc supplementation as a bio-marker for zinc status Hossain, Mohammad Bakhtiar
2008 Evaluating new diagnostic methods for malaria with particular emphasis on loopmediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and urine ELISA and their comparison with available diagnostic methods Alam, Mohammad Shafiul
2008 Flood, Indian Ocean Dipole and public health in Bangladesh Streatfield, Peter Kim
2008 Understanding community concerns about post-mortem brain biopsies -
2008 Ecosystem nutrient addition and the epidemiology and evolution of cholera in Bangladesh Islam, Md. Sirajul
2008 A pilot study to reduce pandemic influenza risk by improving respiratory hygiene Luby, Stephen P.
30-Jan-2008 A comparative study of anthropometric nutritional indecs Bairagi, Radheshyam
Feb-2008 Occurrence and expression of luminescence in Vibrio cholerae Grim, Christopher J.; Taviani, Elisa; Alam, Munirul; Huq, Anwar; Sack, R. Bradley; Colwell, Rita R.
7-Feb-2008 A simple water filtration for cholera intervention Colwell, Rita; Huq, Anwar; Vaughan, Patrick; Islam, Siraj; Russek-Cohen, Estelle; Aziz, K.M.A.; Yunus, M.
17-Feb-2008 "Women's status and health of women and children: a study in Teknaf Wai, Lokky; Alam, Nurul; Strong, Michael; Mita, Rezina; Munshi, N.H.; Nessa, Fazilatun
Mar-2008 Sex and socioeconomic differentials in child health in rural Bangladesh: findings from a baseline survey for evaluating Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Arifeen, Shams El; Baqui, Abdullah H.; Victora, Cesar G.; Black, Robert E.; Bryce, Jennifer; Hoque, D.M.E.; Chowdhury, E.K.; Begum, N.; Akter, T.; Siddik, A.
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